Aluminum Pergolas- Ultimate Shading

On sunny days, shading your porch or patio is a must.

In the past few years, the aluminum pergolas have taken the place of the wooden pergolas we all remember.


Aluminum Pergolas

The aluminum pergolas have a long life, are water-resistant and weather-resistant, and require minimal to no maintenance. The color doesn’t wash off, and the pricing is just right. These self-installed pergola kits are easy to clean and feature a refreshing, unique look. If you prefer a country-style pergola, choose the wooden style that will provide your home with warmth.

What are the advantages of the aluminum pergola?


The pergola can be constructed in a way that will allow all of the sunlight in, or in a way that will obscure it completely, keeping out rain and wind.

These pergolas can be used in private homes, as well as public establishments such as swimming pools, restaurants, cafes and ballrooms.

The aluminum pergola can also be installed in a hanging position, which creates a beautiful open space, with no beams to disrupt it. These installations are ideal for penthouses and private homes.

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Aluminum is flexible, and therefore allows for many alterations and designs, which are reflected in the final pricing and outcome.


The thickness and angle of the beams can be adjusted according to time of day and seasons.


Some pergolas can be mechanically/manually adjusted, to allow different angles according to the time of day.

Stylish Aluminum Pergola for Your Home

The stylish reinforcement of the aluminum pergola is endless. You can choose the type of profiles, size, finish and colors that will look amazing in your home, and provide a clean, gorgeous effect. The use of a durable hi-tech material will no doubt increase the value of your home. In the past, a home was designed to protect you from the outside world, but now the home is a reflection of a lifestyle, convenience and life view. The aluminum pergola appearance tells a story of family values and quality time, along with the modern perception or flexibility, quality and green environmentalism. Aluminum is a long-lasting, safe and non-toxic material. When choosing an aluminum pergola, we suggest building the fence from aluminum as well, for a unified appearance. Installing the pergola isn’t complicated, but make sure you pay attention to the planning and preparation prior to the installation.


Patio / Porch Pergola

Aluminum pergolas are a strong and durable product with a large load capacity, along with an elegant, dignified and luxurious appearance. The aluminum integrates style and functionality. The pergola area is usually where family and friends gather for hours of fun, and the pergola will help you do just that. Eliminate the concern of excessive sunlight or extreme weather conditions, and install an aluminum pergola that will allow you to monitor and adjust the temperature of your porch or patio, and provide you with an additional space for your needs. Self-Installation Aluminum Pergolas- New Successful Concept Pergolas designed in a professional way are easily and simply installed. Aluminum pergolas allow you to create a unique niche in your home, expanding its common areas, and allowing you to enjoy family time or dinner with friends. No need to run in due to rain or shine. Simply adjust the pergola and stay right where you are! Aluminum? Wood? How do I know what is the best pergola for me? Like any other transaction in life, it is important to check who you’re working with. Make sure there are no small letters, hiding additional costs such as service, delivery, installation etc. Check references. There are many companies providing self-installation aluminum pergolas. Make sure you choose the company with the highest quality, finish, service and reasonable price. Conduct a brief market survey, and receiver quotes from potential suppliers. An aluminum pergola must be finely welded, with a perfect finish and high-quality coating for optimal durability. Contact our sales team for free consultation, and we’ll gladly assist you in finding the best option for our patio or porch. We manufacture all types of aluminum pergolas, according to your customers wishes and needs. Each pergola leaving our factory is unique and tailored according to your needs, designed to allow you to enjoy the shade without worrying about wear or rust. We opt to provide you with peace of mind, knowing you invested your money in a long-lasting, high-quality impressive product, that increases the value of your home.


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