Aluminum Garden Fence- UniKit DIY Kit

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Installing a fence for your garden is important. Fences are there to define our territory, and separate us from the public. Fences express an atmosphere or feeling we want to convey from the house to the outside. An aluminum garden fence is the business card of our home and family. It also provides safety and privacy for family members and pets.

Garden Fence- safety

Safety is important in our generation, but aesthetics come a close second. Using innovative technology, we can manufacture almost anything we wish for. This is especially true about aluminum fences. Aluminum is a durable and resistant material, with minimal maintenance requirements. It’s weather-resistant and more durable than wood.


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DIY Aluminum Garden fence

There are many types of fences from different kinds of materials. Here at UniKit we chose to manufacture our pergolas and fences from aluminum, because after years of experience with materials such as wood, we’ve realized aluminum is the best option and provides the best solution for our customers. We are continually expanding and updating, and now offer DIY installation kits. These kits are designed to save our customer time and money.

You’re probably asking yourself-installing an aluminum fence on my own? Sounds unreasonable and complicated. With our DIY kits, all you need is a basic technical background, and installation will be easy and fun. If the DIY option isn’t what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Call us and we’ll send one of our expert installers. The installation time of the fence varies based on size and complexion, but aluminum DIY kits are definitely faster than other options.

Porch OR Patio Aluminum Fence

When building a new home or renovating the existing one, it is obvious the fence needs to be part of the overall design. A properly built-fence directly influences the overall look and value of the property. The main idea is to combine a high-quality, beautifully designed aluminum fence with an increased sense of safety and security. Of course, the focus of the fence is the safety factor, and the amount of protection it provides our home and family. When planning, make sure to visualize the fence, material, location etc. one of the main advantages of aluminum fences is that they can be designed in a myriad of ways and colors.

porch patio fence
Aluminum Fence Pricing- Definitely Worth It

The price of aluminum fence kits is definitely compliable with the result you get. True, aluminum fences aren’t the cheapest option, but on the bottom line, are the most cost-effective.

Aluminum fences have many advantages:

Easy to style and design with milllimetric precision.

Durable and long-lasting for many years.

Rust and corrosion free.

Another unique advantage UniKit offers is the DIY aluminum fence kit, which allows you to self-install the fence with no prior technical knowledge needed. It’s no doubt that besides the great financial savings, you will also feel satisfied and proud.

If you compare the different types of fences, you will see big price differences. Plastic or bamboo fences will probably be cheaper than aluminum, but remember they aren’t long-lasting or weather resistant. Plastic, bamboo and other similar materials will last for very few years, while an aluminum fence is extremely long-lasting and durable.

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