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We at UniKit tried finding the best, most efficient and most cost-effective way to install a fence. Our leading motto was

Fence kit pricing: Cost vs. Benefit.

Self-installation aluminum fence kits are already available.

Aluminum fences have been available for a while now, but self-installation models are an innovative idea we worked on for a long time. In this page, you can view the available fence models and choose the fence most suitable for you.

Uni-270 Fence

The uni-270 fence is designed with vertical rungs that provide it with a smooth, flowing look along with a complete sense of privacy. The uni-270 fence is extremely durable and can be customized with the various options and profiles. It is an ideal solution for a practical and durable fence.

metal fence kit

Uni-210 Fence

When we designed the uni-210 fence we combined a few important elements including durability, strength, and a modern and classic look. In the past few years, the high-tech style fences trend has flared up, and aluminum fences can be seen in houses and industrial building. This fence is suitable for any type of property, and offers a fresh and exclusive look.

fence aluminum for garden

An aluminum fence for your garden is important for you and your families in many aspects, and can greatly impact your life.

Why is it important to invest time and thought when planning a home fence?

Each family feels the need to separate from the public eye, and maintain privacy in their personal space, while living with content and happiness.

The intensive modern lifestyle offers many distractions, such as traffic, animals, unwanted guests and vehicles that can pose annoyance or danger on ourselves and our children.

A garden fence creates a barrier between the outside world and our home, and protects us from many dangers.

aluminum fence diy


aluminum fence kit diy

Besides the security reason, the fence is the face of our home, our family. It serves as a business card if it’s aesthetic and pleasant, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which makes it pleasant for both the tenants and the guests. That is why it’s important to remember that the fence is the first thing we and others see when approaching our home, our personal space, and our life.

A good fence will incorporate security measures, as well as decorative elements that will suit your needs. When you succeed in creating the perfect fence for your home/garden, you will enjoy many years of peace, quiet and safety. Your children will be able to play freely in your backyard, porch or on the roof.

Aluminum Garden Fence- the right choice of fencing!

Today, when the house/business construction business is expanding, there are many options for designing railings, fences and gates. The wide range of materials includes plastic, PVC, wood, stone, metal, galivanted metal and bamboo designs. Each material has its pros and cons, and each family chooses what it feels is best.

For a while now, there’s a new player in the construction field. Aluminum fences are the latest trend, and can be seen everywhere. Aluminum has been found an ideal building material for both homes and business, and many vendors worldwide prefer working with it, and offer aluminum products.

The aluminum features a few core characteristics that make it ideal as opposed to older, more primitive substances that are hard to maintain, and difficult to build.

Aluminum is an extremely light metal, which makes it a safe choice. In addition, it is simple and easy to install, maintain and clean. Aluminum doesn’t rust, and keeps its original color and design. It is weather-resistant, and can be easily customized.

Another important factor when choosing a fence kit for your home is the price. Aluminum fences are cost-effective because they save maintenance, painting and cleaning costs. Aluminum fences don’t need to be oiled or polished, don’t require complicated or expensive treatment, and don’t waste your energy. We highly recommend considering aluminum fence installation for your home or office.

Why aluminum and not plastic or vinyl fence?

Plastic is a cheap and available substance, but it has many disadvantages. In this case, you get what you pay.

Plastic is generally low-quality, and tends to bend or break. It can’t carry a lot of weight, and its design options are limited. Aluminum on the other hand, is an extremely durable iron, with an expensive, dignified look, and countless customization options. You can customize the color, decorations, shapes and sizes.

Why aluminum and not iron? Aluminum VS. steel

Metal fences are also very strong, but the material is complex to work with. Metal fences are prone to corrosion, rust, and aren’t weather-resistant. They can cause imminent danger to you and your family. The rust weakens the metal, and may bend or break the fence, which can fall and hurt someone.

Aluminum fences don’t rust, and are weather-resistant. They aren’t affected by humidity, and stay safe, providing you with peace of mind.

Aluminum Fences Designed Just for You

It is important to note that aluminum fences can be designed according you your imagination. Geometric or non-recurring designs, moldings, decorations, perforated railings, decorative shapes, and more. You can incorporate additional elements such as wood, glass, stone and foliage. The aluminum metals range of colors is endless, and you can also order a wooden pattern for a warm look. The finish standard is extremely high, and you won’t notice the difference between a wooden fence and an aluminum one.

Browse our design gallery today and explore interesting and exciting options.

A designer at heart? Feel free to customize your special aluminum fence.

Easily integrate a manual or electrical gate for increased safety.

Aluminum Fence Pricing

Aluminum fences are certainly cost-effective. The benefits you’ll receive are worth more than the cost. The fences are durable, simple installation, and many customization options that are definitely worthwhile and will save you unnecessary maintenance expenses in the future. Cleaning the fence is easy- simply rinse it off with a hose.

The price ranges according to square meter. The more complex the work is, the pricing will adjust respectively.

The simple aluminum fence option is always available, and will provide your home with an elegant, dignified and inviting appearance.

Where Can You Find an Aluminum Fence manufacturers?

With the market overflowing with options, and many companies offering aluminum products, it is important to work with a company that suits your needs.

Make sure to get recommendations from acquaintances, and try to evaluate the customer service, professionalism, and the company’s ability to adapt to your needs. It isn’t always best to turn to the cheapest options. Sometimes a company with higher prices will prove cost-effective in the long term, by providing you with high-quality material that doesn’t require extra maintenance.