Pergola kits from aluminum

Pergolas kits have been popular for several years when it comes to shading a porch or backyard. In warm temperatures, and in environments with a blazing sun, shading solutions aren’t to be taken lightly. We all want to sit in a cool, shady porch while enjoying a soft breeze, especially after a long workday.


Pergolas are the perfect solution for that- they are easy to install, maintain and clean, and aren’t too pricey. The most important thing about them is that they shade any area in the porch or yard, and can be integrated elegantly into the home design. On some level, they create a beautiful outdoor extension of your home.

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Wood Like aluminum pergola

from 239.90$

per sqm



from 189.90$

per sqm

diy aluminum pergola kit

Double t

from 229.90$ per sqm

per sqm

T aluminum pergola

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whats better? wood VS. aluminum

It is common knowledge in the construction industry that wood is no longer the ideal building material. The wood has disadvantages that aren’t geared to our modern construction needs. It is relatively bulky and heavy, it requires cumbersome maintenance, along with constant preservation and cleaning, and needs to be oiled in order to preserve its natural color. Lastly, the main disadvantage of wood is that it is prone to break, curve, or change shape due to moisture, humidity and other elements.

Wood and other materials such as metal, stone, glass and plastic are now considered primitive materials, which are difficult and expensive to maintain. Aluminum construction has been around as an alternative for a while now. It has been proven as the ultimate building materials. The number of aluminum objects around us is rapidly increasing. More companies are offering aluminum products, and satisfied customers keep choosing aluminum as their primary construction material for their home or business.

The benefits :aluminum pergola kits

The aluminum is a high quality metal due to its unique chemical compound that creates a metal with features ideal for constructionAluminum is a light metal and extremely flexible.

  • Working with aluminum is easy compared to other materials.
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Easy and simply cleaning.
  • Maintains the original color and appearance over time.
  • Aluminum is a stainless metal and therefore won’t be damaged by humidity or other elements.

It is important to note that aluminum is easy to design, and can be customized and colored according to your dreams. A whole world of design options is open to you. If you don’t want to give up the authentic feel of wood, choose the wood-like model. We offer authentic wood-like models with a high-quality finish. Therefore, we strongly recommend installing aluminum pergolas, and enjoying the important advantages the aluminum offers you.

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Porch or Hanging Pergola- Aluminum Pergola for Perfect Shading

Aluminum pergolas come in all shapes and sizes, including round pergolas. Therefore, they can be installed over any area that needs shading. Aluminum pergolas provide ultimate rain and sun protection. They are weather-resistant and maintain a new look for many years. Aluminum pergolas can be adjusted via a simple electric mechanism (electric pergolas) or manually. The adjustment mechanism allows you to control the spaces between the slats and the amount of light coming in, or to block light entirely. Eaves and awnings can be integrated in the aluminum pergola, which allows you to close it entirely when it’s raining.

Aluminum pergolas are easy to maintain and save you time, energy, and money that would be wasted when installing a pergola from a different material. The vast range of colors and designs allows you to find the prefect aluminum pergola for your garden or home. Order a high-techy sophisticated look, or a colorful vintage design. You can also integrate various design elements such as glass, foliage and wood into your aluminum pergola, and upgrade the look.

The installation of the aluminum pergola is simple and quick

Aluminum pergolas are built from strong profiles carefully designed by construction engineers for this purpose. It isn’t surprising that aluminum pergolas are now seen everywhere, and expected to stay!

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Aluminum Pergola Pricing

The price of aluminum pergolas is determined by the complexity of the work- the more complex the work is, the more the price will adjust accordingly. When pricing the work, other elements are taken into consideration, such as the complexity of the planning, the building expertise, amount of pillars and percentage of shading. There are simply yet decorative aluminum pergolas available for an elegant yet cheaper solution. In addition, make sure to choose a reliable and experienced company, with an experienced team, safety certifications and permits. Choose a company that will provide you with warranty, and an effective and available customer service team

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