Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum pergolas are available for a while now, but self-installation models are an innovative idea we worked on for a long time. In this page, you can view the available pergola models and choose the pergola most suitable for you.

Self-Installation Aluminum Pergola

Installing a pergola was never so simple.

Uni-110 Pergola

Created as the optimal solution, the outline of the uni-110 is constructed of extra-durable rectangular profiles, designed to withstand the most difficult weather conditions. The roofing of the pergolas is done with flat polycarbonate that protects from the blazing sun or the pouring rain.

aluminum louvred pergola

Uni-150 Pergola

The uni-150 model was created and designed in order to combine several solutions we want in a pergola. The pergola is shaded with the diagonal Z6 profiles, which provide a pleasant and airy feeling, and yet provide massive sunshine protection.

aluminum pergola

Uni-180 Pergola

This is our flagship model pergola. Equipped with a modern and innovative design, with a clean design and a prestigious presence, this pergola is a beautiful design element. The shading is done with U5 profiles which provide it with an edgy, elegant look.

backyard pergola

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Self-Installation Aluminum Pergola Models

Want to install a high-quality pergola in your porch, garden or roof? Do it yourself with our DIY kit, and save the cost of the craftsmen, which often turns out more than the cost of the pergola. UniKit offers a wide range of DIY kits for aluminum pergolas, in a wide range of sizes and designs. We’d love to help you choose the kit most suitable for your needs. Whether you want a large and decorative aluminum pergola for your garden, a small pergola for your porch, or a rooftop pergola, we’ve got you covered.

Aluminum Pergolas- A Smart and Cost-Effective Choice

Choosing aluminum pergolas is a smart and calculated move. Aluminum is an excellent raw material for constructing external structures. It’s extremely weather-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. As opposed to wooden pergolas, which require annual maintenance including painting and oiling, the aluminum pergola doesn’t require any of that. There are corrosion-resistant pergolas designed specifically for the beach-area. While wooden pergolas age and their beauty fades, which leads to replacing them, aluminum pergolas are durable for years, and don’t wear out. They stay beautiful and impressive, and when compared to wooden pergolas built in the same year, the difference is obvious.

aluminum pergola near me
Aluminum vs. Wooden Pergolas- There is an alternative

Aluminum pergolas are available in a variety of colors, designs and textures, and if you like the natural wooden look, you’ll be glad to know there are aluminum profiles with a wooden-like texture, and when painted with natural colors, the final product looks just like wood. This allows you to combine the good of both worlds- the quality, sustainability and durability of the aluminum, and the warm, natural look of wood.