Curtain-Walling Structures with Aluminum

curtain walling

Aluminum curtain-walling features advantages that no player in any field can compete with. In recent years, aluminum is very popular in the construction industry and other industries as Military and Aerospace Industries. More and more products and various construction projects consist of aluminum, which isn’t at all surprising. Aluminum is a complex iron alloy, which undergoes unique chemical and technological processes that make it an ideal building material.

wall aluminum cladding cover
wall aluminum cladding cover

No Maintenance & Simple Installation

Perhaps the most significant quality aluminum features is that it is stainless steel. In addition, it is weather resistant, and unlike materials such as wood or glass, it does not tend to bend or break. Aluminum is a durable, yet lightweight material. Its installation is simple, and it does not require any maintenance. Other materials may require oiling, polishing and frequent cleaning. These substances can also pose a danger to us, singe they tend to age quickly, change their shape and color, and pose as an environmental hazard.

wall cladding
wall cladding

Internal / External Cladding- Endless Design Possibilities

Another advantage aluminum features is the endless design possibilities it offers.

The range of textures, decorations, embellishments and designs is endless, you just have to choose from the collection. You can order aluminum curtain-walls that features a wooden or glass finish, and enjoy the perfect look with ultimate durability!

Aluminum is so flexible and easy to work with, and it’s no wonder that architects and professionals worldwide will never trade it. It is important to note that aluminum is a “green” material, environmentally friendly and non-toxic at all. It is safe to be around, without featuring toxic gas or other hazardous material emissions. Aluminum cladding is the best thing you can do for your structure. It will improve its look, retain its durability and prolong its life expectancy for many years!! Call us today for a quote, and our experts will be happy to answer any questions!

curtain walling designs
curtain walling designs

Planning is Key-Let Us Do It for You

Planning the curtain-wall is imperative and critical for the success of the project. The process includes exact measurements and complex technological processing. It is extremely important to do a wide market survey that includes all the relevant parameters. The company you choose needs to consist of professional and experienced workers, including the customer service representatives, engineers, architects, designers and handymen. Do not settle on something that isn’t the best. A sloppy and unprofessional job can pose as a real danger. After all, we are talking about large structures and a large amount of construction material. Check your preferences and needs with a professional, and consult with friends that ordered a similar service. In our website, you can see a variety of projects and jobs, and choose the style that suits you best. Call today for a free consultation with one of our experts, and you will soon enjoy a long-lasting renovated and beautiful structure.

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