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Aluminum fences are created in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and available in many different colors. An aluminum coating is highly weather resistant compared to other coatings such as paint. The aluminum’s durability has led many manufacturers to offer a long or lifetime warranty for select brands.

Because of the amazing physical characteristics the aluminum features, it is highly suitable for fences. Aluminum fences are available in a variety of colors, and provide you with a wide range of fencing possibilities. Aluminum fences aren’t just stainless, but also easy to clean because of the high-quality coating. No need to repaint the fence, but if you want, you can’ paint the fence in 2 different colors.

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There are wooden and bamboo fences, but aluminum fences feature many advantages

The aluminum fence is built with a modular construction by assembling different parts. The gates and windows of your home can be matched with the color or design of your fence. You can use these parts to build a porch or staircase railing, or for window bars. These modular pieces are accompanied with decorative elements that provide the fence with a unique and beautiful design. If the property requires extra protection, bars with a sharp end can be used, to prevent entry to your property. If needed, wire can be added to the fence, to prevent strangers from entering and increase security of the perimeter.

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What are the advantages of the UniKit DIY aluminum fence?

Maintenance– The aluminum is a stainless material, and other than the preservatory factor, it also has an easy maintenance.  It is easy to clean the fence, and there is no need to renew the coating every few years. There is no mold or wearing out found in wooden fences. The aluminum is durable, and doesn’t break or bend as a result of extreme weather conditions, which affects plastic.

Elegant– Aluminum has a neat appearance, and can be designed in many ways. It is flexible and can be adapted to match metal elements such as the gate, windows, railing, window sills and bars.

Modern– The light and metallic look is the popular trend now. High-techy, modular, light and sturdy-modern.

Customizable– Allows different shades and textures, modular construction – available with many fence variations. The final design of the fence is styled according to your dreams and needs.

Cost-Effective– 10-15 years ago, aluminum fences weren’t popular, but since then, the price has dropped. In the past 5 years, the use of aluminum fences has become more popular due to their numerous advantages. The fact that the fence doesn’t need renewal, the quality, and the design that blends into your home in a functional way.

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Need a fence for your garden or porch? How to choose the perfect fence

The fence is designed to provide protection, privacy, and borders. A good fence creates good neighbor relationships. When planning your fence, you must identify your needs and wishes, so that the fence will suit your needs in the most optimal way, and will serve you for many years. It is an investment in your property. If the investment is smart, the property value will increase.

When purchasing an aluminum fence you must be cautious and diligent. Notice all the small details and fine print with the fencing company you’re dealing with.

Service & Repairs– Do they provide customer service and repairs?

If they provide service and repairs, what does it cover? Are there additional charges?

Warranty– What is the warranty? Some companies provide a long-term warranty, because they believe in their product. The warranty usually covers a large span of years or a lifetime warranty.

Quality-Notice the quality of the product. A high quality aluminum fence needs to have a quality finish. The coating needs to be perfect, which all the corners and edges covered, polished and attached. If they aren’t, people can get hurt, the fence will start falling apart and rust. The connection points need to we welded with a fine finish, to prevent danger and damage.

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Aluminum fence for security

If you have a garden or backyard you need a fence, and an aluminum fence is the perfect solution for protecting your property. If you have a swimming pool, you need to prevent free access, and make sure it is properly surrounded with a suitable fence to prevent tragedies.

Installation– The aluminum fences are easy and simple to install. Most parts are made in the factory, and the installation requires you to combine the parts.

Child and Environmental Safety– aluminum is a non-toxic material, and since it doesn’t wear out, its properties don’t change overtime. There is no danger in touching the fence, and it doesn’t pollute the ground. Using this

stable material is important in a time where each tree that gets cut damages earth’s green lungs.

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