Aluminum architectural cladding

 UniKit specializes in a wide range of architectural curtail walls. Our company has successfully completed several projects. Using aluminum for cladding is a popular solution due to its many advantages. We’ve recently seen many more aluminum-clad industrial buildings. This is because the contractors discovered the great material aluminum is.

Aluminum Curtain-Walling has Many Advantages:

Easy maintenance, and no excess effort in preservation.

Fast and easy building system, without damaging the environment.

Provides weather insulation, saving the energy costs of heat / cooling systems.

Supreme durability and weather-resistance for many years.

Noise insulation provides a safer, more pleasant working environment.

Provides protection and is fire-resistant.

Can be painted or designed in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Design Using Curtain-Walling

In addition to the many structural advantages aluminum curtain-walling provides, the design element must be mentioned. The aluminum allows us to create stunning effects while solving design issues that may have come up. The aluminum can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be placed strategically to cover up laundry lines, and provide the building with a modern look.

Indoor / Outdoor Curtain-Walling: The Perfect Solution for Any Structure

Curtain-walling used to be a fashionable trend that was seen mainly on large building and luxury homes. Overtime, we noticed they were here to stay, and decided to implement them in private homes and businesses as well.

Curtain-walls can be seen everywhere; a direct result of people understanding the many advantages they provide. Architects and interior designers spend a lot of time planning the walls of private homes, businesses and large buildings. Whether you’re planning your new home, or renovating the current one, the aluminum curtain-wall can lend it any appearance- from a modern high-tech look, to a warm, authentic rural look. The walls are the most dominant surface in our home, and have a great impact on its appearance. They also define its structure, and catch the eye when passing by. Walls in themselves are just large blocks, and aren’t particularly pleasant. Bare walls aren’t inviting, which is why we hang pictures or other decorations to improve their dull appearance. Aluminum wallpaper can do the job for you.

Curtain-Walling Helps Preserve the Structure for Many Years

Whether your walls are made of wood, brick or concrete, they tend to quickly lose their color and become stained. They are also subject to weather damage such as humidity, rain, heat waves and dry weather, and therefore cause us unnecessary financial expenses, maintenance, renovations and work. Worn-out internal walls such as bathroom or kitchen walls, and worn outdoor walls can be a serious hazard for us and those around us. Covering the walls allows us to overcome this with easy, simple steps. The curtain-walls provide the wall with a dignified, decorated appearance, while also strengthening the structure and increasing its longevity. There are many options for cladding a wall. From varying sizes of panels, to glass or brick cladding. Aluminum cladding can be implemented in your home or office, and create an eye-catching design. The high-quality finish will seamlessly integrate with the building, and it will seem as though the aluminum is actually part of the building itself.

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Wall-Cladding for Bathroom / Kitchen Areas

It’s important to understand that cladding internal walls such as bathroom or kitchen walls is very different than external wall cladding. Each type of cover required different materials and different skills, planning and cost.

Make sure to check all these parameters and consult with an expert!!

Covering walls can be created from a variety of materials, including brick, ceramic, glass, marble, PVC and aluminum. You can integrate additional design elements and enrich the look of the wall, while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere, without worrying about finding additional decorative solutions for your bare wall.

Covering the internal walls is done as part of the final design process in a new or renovated home. The common materials are brick, ceramic and marble. In the past, only the bathrooms featured wall-cladding, but it has become popular to cover various areas of the home with interesting wall design options. There are panels available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be ordered in any color to match your home atmosphere. The preferred brick for covering walls is a natural brick that undergoes a special process to adapt its qualities for cladding purposes.

External Curtain-Walls

Ever passed by an industrial park or expensive neighborhood, and the buildings seemed especially bright and impressive? It is safe to assume these buildings have undergone external curtain-walls. Covering the external walls makes even a large building seem more inviting. You can choose to full curtain-wall the building, or use it to cover up structural flaws. The ideal and most popular curtain-walling material is the super-iron- Aluminum!