Curtain-Walling, Laundry-Line Covers and Aluminum Solutions

Here at UniKit we aim to find the best aluminum solutions for curtain-walls and laundry-line covers.

Aluminum cover creates a unique and impressive look, provides long-term beauty, doesn’t require maintenance and keeps moisture away from the structure!

UniKit offers a wide range of profiles used for internal and external wall cladding. In this page you will find the curtain-wall gallery, and choose which style suits you best.

Laundry-Line Covers

When talking about laundry-lines, it’s important to realize that with the help of aluminum, you can create beautifully designed covers, and turn your laundry-line into a decorative element of its own.


Curtain-walling is an effective design solution and can be used inside the house or on the exterior structure. Aluminum covers will provide you with many advantages in both design and item durability.

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Curtain-Walling- Why?

Ever driven by an industrial or residential area where all the buildings seemed consistent, bright and prestigious? Wondered how the buildings look so new and aesthetic overtime?

We’re here to tell you these buildings were curtain-walled. Without the cladding, it is safe to assume these magnificent buildings that just caught your eye, would have looked old and neglected.

Just like you want to refresh your look with a new  fashionable item, your building or home also needs a fashionable upgrade.

Aluminum Curtain-Walling Prevents Weather Damage

It’s no wonder that curtain-walling is popular worldwide, and every industrial park features many curtain-walled buildings. In addition to the aesthetic value it offers, curtain-walling also provides important safety and maintenance values.

Protection from weather damage, humidity, and other factors that cause natural wear.

Increases structural strength, which saves money and energy.

A worn building poses an immediate danger and is a serious environmental hazard that can cause tragedy. Think ahead and prevent unpleasant situations that stem from rickety structures!

Any architect or  construction engineer will attest that curtain-walling adds a measure of quality and safety to your home, and are imperative in keeping the structure up and strong for a long time.

Remember that the curtain-walling industry is large, which allows you to choose the ultimate cover that will match the general aesthetic of your home.

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Curtain-Walling, Wallpaper, What Does it Mean?

Curtain-walling can be done from various substances such as ceramic, stone, specialized panels, wood or aluminum. Each substance has advantages and disadvantages, and is suitable for different purposes. External walls and internal walls are covered with materials that are best suitable for them.

Make sure to check what material is best for your needs. An external wall requires different characteristics than an internal wall cover. Each cladding project requires different complexity and pricing.

When searching curtain-wall options, make sure to meet all the parameters.

Receive quotes from several companies to help you make the right choice.

Alucobond Aluminum Covers

Aluminum is a very common construction and design industries. Many industries, including the electronic, transport and military industries use aluminum to manufacture products such as CDs, airplanes, trucks and even missiles. It’s no wonder that engineers and architects along with other professionals highly recommend the use of aluminum. Aluminum installations can be seen everywhere, and they’re popularity just keeps growing. The aluminum is a metal with high-quality properties, thanks to the unique alloy complex it is made of.

It is lightweight and easy to install. It is extremely flexible which makes it easy to work with, as opposed to more primitive materials such as stone, iron and marble. It’s very easy to mold aluminum- the panel thickness is usually 2-5mm, and insulation can be inserted between the panels. Aluminum is weather-resistant and durable, which means it won’t break or bend form rain, shine or humidity.

Structural Curtain-Walling, Great Pricing, Minimal Maintenance

In many ways, aluminum is the ideal substance for curtain-walling structures. It is cost-effective in the long term, saving maintenance costs, and can be customized according to your personal taste. Choose a wood-toned finish for a warm, authentic and welcoming, yet durable and lasting option.

The wood-toned panels are made with a high-quality finish, and no one will notice the difference. Aluminum is a “green” choice, it isn’t toxic, and is safe to work with and be around. It doesn’t require oiling or polishing, which saves time, energy and money.

aluminum wood cladding

Alucobond - External Aluminum Wall Covers

The material we cover our structure with is of great importance.

External curtain-walling is designed to provide the building with a clean, aesthetic and prestigious look, while strengthening its structure and protecting it from weather damage.

Alucobond is a superior and advanced petal. It is made of 2 aluminum sheets thermoboned to a low-density polyethylene core. Alucobond is lightweight, extremely flexible and bendable. It’s an unbreakable material, insulated, and easy to maintain.

Many professionals in the construction industry prefer working with Alucobond, because it provides many building and design opportunities. In other words, it provides an artistic freedom with its wooden, marble and mirror models. Alucobond is suitable for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

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