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Hanging Pergola Kits

The main job of a hanging pergola is to provide us with shade for a specific area. There are many types of pergolas, manufactured from many types of materials. but what exactly is a hanging pergola?

what is a hanging pergola?

A standard pergola is built with a frame and supporting pillars, while the hanging pergola is attached to the wall, with no supporting rod, and looks like its hanging. Hanging pergolas from aluminum are recommended, since aluminum is an extremely lightweight, yet durable substance that can withstand a very high weight capacity. Aluminum can be molded in various ways, so it can be customized according to your needs. Hanging pergolas are generally smaller than standardized pergolas, and are used to shade the entryway or the parking space. Hanging pergolas require advanced planning, since it requires load testing and exact engineer planning.

hanging pergola kits

When Are Hanging Pergolas Used

Hanging pergolas are a great idea for shading areas such as the entryway or a small porch. Installing a hanging pergola will eliminate the need for supporting rods, which will save space. In addition, the pergola can be designed in various ways, and looks more sophisticated than a standard pergola. A hanging pergola cannot be installed in every location, so please consult with an expert prior to ordering one.

Hanging pergolas are generally suitable for smaller areas, and designed to protect you from rain, wind and sun.

Looking for a hanging pergola? You’re in the right place

Here at UniKit we manufacture and distribute high-quality hanging pergola kits, aluminum fence diy kits, created with exact measurements and with quick installation in mind. We offer a 10-year warranty on all our products.

Hanging Aluminum Pergola Advantages

There are several options and materials the pergola can be built with, but the hands-down best choice is aluminum. An aluminum pergola does not require maintenance and keeps its look for many years as opposed to its wooden counterpart. The aluminum is lightweight, which makes it easy to install, and a safer choice. It is a “green” material that doesn’t pose an environmental hazard, and is long-lasting. Aluminum is an iron that can withstand extreme temperatures, as opposed to wood that can catch fire or break.

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Where to Order a Hanging Aluminum Pergola

Many companies offer various shading solutions, and as in any industry, there are professional choices, and less professional ones. Before ordering your item, remember to check if the company has experience, sample models etc. many websites will provide you with relevant information about the company, and will help you choose wisely.

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