Aluminum Pergolas
as Garden Furniture​

Aluminum Pergolas- Awnings as Year-Round Shading Solution


Aluminum Pergolas

for Shading Gardens

I’ve recently returned from a trip in Crete. Nearly every home there has a beautiful trellis decorated with colorful foliage which lends the homes a breathtaking look.

Aluminum Trellis with Foliage

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at the beautiful trellises in Crete is the colorful Bognooila plant. The fuchsia, purple and white colors, along with the aluminum trellis provides a spectacularly stunning result. Bognooila is a large perennial climbing plant, which grows on any element: pergolas, walls, pillars and more. Once it grows and thrives, its branches become sturdy and thick, and although it is thorny, it shouldn’t stop anyone from growing it. It is easy to design and prune, and required minimal maintenance and watering. When choosing a climbing plant for your aluminum pergola, make sure it is evergreen, so that even when it’s out of season, the greenery will provide you with shade and beauty.

Aluminum Awnings

for a Perfect Garden

Another plant that is ideal for decorating aluminum pergolas is the Thunbergia Alata, better known as the Black-Eyed Susan Vine. It is a perennial plant with yellow, orange and white colors. There are other species which are less suitable for aluminum pergolas. The white species has the advantage of growing also in the summer. It is best to plant it in a large 60L pot, and it will branch out to the pergolas around. A good way to help a vine grown on the pergola is by surrounding it with a metal net which allows the vine to easily climb around. Some of our customers also implemented anti-pigeon nets. The nets are invisible once covered with foliage, and can carry up to 100kg.

What Should You Know About Installing Aluminum Pergolas?

If you want to grow potted plants and plants under the shade of the aluminum pergola, it is important to consider several factors.

If you are planning to build aluminum pergola that will be exposed to the sun and provide shade, you need to make sure it will have air in the summer, so that the plants don’t get fried in the heat. It is important to pay attention to the shading solutions, prefer good shading and not translucent roofing that creates a greenhouse effect. Tarp walls can also provide a good shading and ventilation solution for the aluminum pergola above the plants. The tarp walls are also good for winter, since it provides protection from the rain.

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