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self installation aluminum pergola
self installation pergola

Aluminum or Wood? Which material is best suited for closing off a porch?

Aluminum or Wood? Which material is best suited for closing off a porch?
The pergola industry is wide and varied. It can be separated into 3 main categories:

Wooden pergolas

Aluminum pergolas

Metal  pergolas

sliding electric aluminum pergola

about pergolas

In wooden pergolas, the farm and roof bars are constructed of wood, and various shading solutions such as tiles, glass, plastic boards, canvas and so on can be installed on them. Metal pergolas have a similar concept, with a metal frame and metal roof bars, and materials such as bamboo or wooden bars used for shading.
Aluminum pergola is entirely constructed of aluminum. This includes the shading, skeleton and roof. 


DIY Aluminum Pergola Kit- It’s Simple to Self-Install a Pergola!

When choosing a material for your pergola, take the location into consideration. Make sure there is at least one wall the awning can be attached to, and sufficient space for the supportive columns. If you’re interested in installing a pergola on the roof or porch, it can’t be too heavy. Aluminum is an extremely lightweight material. Make sure to consult with a constructor to determine the weight capacity of your building or home.

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Our Latest kits


diy wood like pergola kits

Diy Pergola Kits

  • Durable Aluminum structure Available in various colors and a  look like wood finish ✔️
  • Kit parts are pre-cut for fast and easy assembly ✔️
  • Low maintanance and Low costs ✔️


Ready-to-assemble Aluminum Pergola Kit.

high quality strong aluminum profiles,Beams and Brackets

Pergola Sizes options:

10*10 / 10*14 / 14*14 / 14*16

Color Options for beams and profile: from RAL colors

  1. (RAL 1013) Pearl white
  2. (RAL 9006) White aluminium – Gray
  3. (RAL 9016) Traffic white

Rafter/ Louvers Options:

  1. Wood Like Finish.
  2. Same color as selected for beams and profiles.

Profile Options

  1. Standart aluminum Profile: Beams: 2″ * 2″
  2. Decorative Double-T Profile: Beams: 3.5″ * 3.5″


Material : Pure High Quality Aluminum

quoted and measured:  to the outside face of posts.

hanging pergola
Aluminum- Easy Maintenance Compared to Wood

Another parameter you should take into consideration is the time and effort you’re willing to put into maintenance. If you want a wooden pergola, remember it requires annual polishing and painting. If you neglect your wooden pergolas maintenance, it will wear out and look old and cheap.
Metal pergolas are easier to maintain, but are prone to rust.
Aluminum pergolas, though a bit more pricey than the other options, are durable, long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. So if you don’t want to worry about maintenance and polishing, aluminum might be the best choice for you.
Safety-wise, aluminum is lightweight compared to wood or metal, and therefor safer to use and install. Aluminum is also heat and fire resistant.

freestanding pergola kit
DIY Custom Aluminum Pergola Kits

The easiest pergola to install is obviously the aluminum pergola. Its lightweight characteristics allows for simple and quick installation. We can provide you with aluminum pergola DIY kits which allow you to build your very own pergola, with no need for professionals. This makes the kits cost-effective, since metal or wood pergolas require a professional to install them.
Easy and Simple Installation
If you chose a wood pergola, make sure the wood was disinfected by amypregnation. The disinfection will protect the wood from bugs, pests and decay. In order for your wooden pergola to last, make sure to polish, oil or paint it at least once a year. It is important to install a cover for rainy days, to prevent the wood from decaying or losing its shape due to moisture. If you want vines on your pergola, wood isn’t the best idea. The plants can clog the wood, ruin the color, and attract bugs and pests.

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