Aluminum Pergolas-the ultimate shading solution for your porch

porch pergola

When searching for a shading solution for our porch, we automatically think of a wooden pergola. However, today there are more advanced, cost-effect attractive alternatives in terms of installation, maintenance, aesthetes and durability, as well as pricing. The new player in the field is the aluminum pergola, which provides many advantages and refreshing innovations to the warm home environment.

Pergola as a Shading Solution for Porch / Garden

One of the many advantages of an aluminum pergola for a porch or garden, is the amount of control you have over the percentage of shading. The adjustment is easily done with a simple electric mechanism (in electric pergolas) or with a manual mechanism. These mechanisms allow you to choose the amount of sunlight entering the porch, or block rain from entering. In pergolas from other materials, the control over this factors is often complicated, or non-existent.

wood like alumiun pergola rafters

Aluminum Pergola Pricing

Price is another one of the aluminum pergola’s many advantages.

The price is very convenient, given the type of material and the value you receive.

The price of an aluminum pergola is based on a few parameters such as:

* Pergola profile thickness (ranging from 1.5 to 2.5mm), the thickness of the beams that hold the pergola.

* Amount of beams- you may choose between several types of beams.

* Thickness and amount of rungs on the roof.

* Some customers prefer a higher density of rungs, the price varies according to density. Density options are between 50-100% coverage.

* The pergola can also be installed on the wall, without beams- which may increase the price.

Taking all that into consideration, the aluminum pergola is still a worthy investment that will accompany you for many years to come, and provide your home with a stylish, innovative look.

freestanding pergola kit

Various Styling Options

You can order aluminum pergola kits in a variety of designs. Be it country style or modern urban. You can also choose how to paint it, so it will seamlessly fit in to the design of your home. If you don’t want to give up the warmth of wood, you can choose the wooden model, which will provide authenticity and a country look, and maintain durability and strength from an innovative and progressive aluminum shading solution.

The advantages of the aluminum pergola are worth it!

Play around and have fun with the pergola design as much as you please!

diy aluminum pergola
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With the inflation of companies and service providers, it is important to turn to a reliable, professional company, with experience in the shading field. Remember this is also a safety matter that can affect your family and should be taken seriously.

When choosing a company, check that they can accommodate all of your needs such as design possibilities, adjustments and character, as well as fair pricing.

Try asking for recommendations and speak to customers that have similar needs as you do.

It is crucial to examine the quality of the materials, and not to compromise your safety.

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